Notas sobre el espacio
Notes on space

Notas sobre el espacio se compone de una serie de 10 textos, la nota 0 (o el primer texto) toma la forma de una exposición,  además de una serie de dibujos/diagramas que piensan el espacio por si mismos.

Es posible encontrar la Nota 6 aquí.

Notes on space is composed by a series of 10 texts, note 0 (or the first text) takes the shape of an exhibition, summed to this, a series of drawings/diagrams that think space in their own terms.

  It is possible to find Note 6 here.

/// Lingering notes that look a little bit like an I don’t know what, that feel a little bit like the thrill of movement that’s there and just gone, that doesn’t look like nothing but being and choosing to dwell in concentration gradients. Melding points where there is doubt and thought. Sticked sound comes along. Sticked time is anti-gravitational. 39,000 feet above the ground. Confusing continents with countries and cities with continents. Rooms have the size of a continent. Not remembering. Flattening. Inflation / clinging tangible to playtime inventions. An ant is a whale. The sea, the sea. 365* pulled by a string. Reaching farther. Reached beyond. Golden transparent water. Orange transparent sky. Empty walls. Warm weather and air. Suspension inside bubbles. ///