Gestos (antena, artefactos de visión, letra, silbido)  / Gestures (antenna, artefacts for vision, letter, whistle)

Los gestos son una serie de acciones para la relación y extensión del cuerpo y el territorio. Pueden llevarse a cabo individualmente o en grupo. Hay una introducción guiada y un compromiso en su duración. El gesto en las imágenes superiores - antena - fue activado en exhibiciones simultaneas en Amsterdam y Oslo en Junio de 2020.

2020-on going, acción (cuerpos, silbido, lineas trazadas e imaginarias) dimensión y tiempos variables

Gestures are series of on going actions for relation and extension between the body and the land. They can be carried out individually or in groups. There is a guided introduction and comittment throughout their duration. The gesture pictured above (antenna) was performed in exhibitions in Amsterdam and Olso during June 2020. They have been inserted and practiced in different contexts since.

2020-on going, action (bodies, whistling, traced and imaginary lines) variable dimensions and time

This small collection of gestures is an invintation. They are not to be confused by instructions. These are propositions for relation, suggestions, ready to receive something from you, to be transformed and moved on.

They are not meant to happen once and fade, they can become tools, actions to come back to,
as many times as necessary, wherever.

They are met in and by the body in time.
A body that can be other than what it usually seems to be. Sometimes a current inverter, a translation devise,
a channel, land. Sometimes looking for itself. Playing.

They need you to trust and fall into your body, because there’s where they are calling from.